Go Forward Pine Bluff is a blueprint for how Pine Bluff will become a better city to live, 

work, and raise a family.

About Us


The mission of Go Forward Pine Bluff is to increase the revenues of the City government, enabling it to provide the level of services expected by our citizens.


  1. Retain Population
  2. Relocate Population
  3. Attract Tourism and Consumers throughout the Region

News and Announcements

Urban Renewal Agency

Mayor Washington will be proposing board members for City Council approval at the September 18, 2017 council meeting.

Candidate Development Institute

First session held on September 19, 2017. 

23 applicants will convene for six weeks to learn about running for office and what to expect once they get there.

Downtown Listening Sessions

A summary of comments received during our sessions held on August 8, 9 and 10, 2017 is available on our Downtown page. Click on 'More' above.

How our Plan was Developed

A Strategic Plan and Future Direction for the City of Pine Bluff

  The Go Forward Pine Bluff Strategic Plan is a conclusive blueprint for addressing the systemic problems facing the City of Pine Bluff. The yearlong effort involved a broad cross-section of the community’s citizens from all areas of the city with a significant number of participants under 40 years of age.  

Implementing the recommendations found in this plan address a number of Pine Bluff’s greatest challenges and will “move the needle” in the struggle to revitalize the city and ensure its future prosperity.

Go Forward Pine Bluff Mission

  A mission statement for the project was written and the Executive Committee developed the parameters for the strategic planning process. 

  Utilizing the work of the 20/20 Commission (1) as a baseline and working with a broad representation of our community, citizens and businesses, establish a strategic plan that will result in a growing tax base for our community. 

Footnote 1 In 2007, the city of Pine Bluff and its residents, collectively called 20/20 Commission, drafted a strategic plan called Pine Bluff 20/20.  

Go Forward Pine Bluff Vision

  A vision statement was created to help guide the organization through its task. 

To make Pine Bluff a city its residents are proud to call home. 

To create a public/private partnership that engages all residents in reimagining the city through targeted projects, grants and initiatives aimed at transforming Pine Bluff into a regional center and point of destination for cultural activities, sporting events, educational opportunities, dining and historical museums, characterized by robust and sustainable economic growth, educational opportunity, responsive leadership and an attractive quality of life. 

To make the city “grow and go,” GFPB will focus on: 

• stimulating economic development through capital investment in revitalizing downtown and encouraging quality affordable housing; 

• revitalizing city governance and promoting a positive image for Pine Bluff; 

• creating a skilled workforce and raising academic standards and student performance; and, 

• building a metropolitan community that offers residents an attractive, safe and healthy environment with a wealth of cultural, social and entertainment options.  

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